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Exhibitors with Snack Products
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Booth Exhibitor Name
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58 110Athletics  Show Specials
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1887 479°
A     top
693 Angie's Artisan Treats  International Customers
B     top
2222 Back to Nature/SnackWell's
76 Baked in Brooklyn  International Customers
1251 Barcel USA
2322 Bauducco Foods
1998 Beanitos, The Original Bean Snacks  International Customers
234 BEER NUTS, Inc.  International Customers
1991 Belgian Boys  International Customers
793 Bell Plantation, Inc.  International Customers
2362 Better Made Snack Foods, Inc.
393 Biena Chickpea Snacks  Show Specials  International Customers
1490 Big Mouth Snack, LLC  International Customers
480 Biscotti Brothers Bakery  International Customers
788 Blackjack Beef Jerky  Show Specials  International Customers
1381 Brad's Raw Foods
1986 Brandstorm, Inc.  International Customers
1674 Bridgford Foods
2217 Brimhall Foods Company, Inc.  International Customers
2068 Bud's Best/Uncle Al's Cookies  Show Specials  International Customers
2083 Buddy Fruits
1092 Byrd Cookie Company  International Customers
C     top
1198E Cakeballz
2339 California Nuggets, Inc.  International Customers
465 Carl Buddig Company /Old Wisconsin
1269 The Carolina Nut Co.  Show Specials  International Customers
351G Cereales y Pastas (Golden Foods)  Show Specials
68 Cheesewich
354 Chef's Cut: Real Jerky
977 Chicago American Sweets & Snacks  International Customers
75 Chicago Vegan Foods  International Customers
661 ConAgra Foods
473 Corso's Cookies/The Decorated Cookie Company
2199 Cosmos Creations  International Customers
1253 Country Archer
1220 Covered Bridge Potato Chips
395 The Crispery  Show Specials  International Customers
1182 Crunchies Food Company
D     top
2287 Daddy Ray's, Inc.  International Customers
2311 The Daily Crave  International Customers
2393 Darlington Snacks
478 Dearborn Brand
683 Deep River Snacks  International Customers
1286 DiBella Baking Company, Inc.  Show Specials  International Customers
2388 dkg gida sanayi ve ticaret ltd sti  Show Specials
228 Donsuemor
183 Dos Amigos,Inc.
1598B Dough Dough Bird Baking Co.  Show Specials
E     top
1999 eatKeenwa Krunch  International Customers
1598H Element Snacks  Show Specials  International Customers
1481 Elledi S.p.A.
366 Enjoy Life Foods  International Customers
1879 Evans Food Group  International Customers
F     top
2360 Family Foods International Inc.  Show Specials  International Customers
399 Fehr Foods/Lil Dutch Maid  Show Specials  International Customers
1793 Feridies World's Best Peanuts & Specialty Foods  Show Specials  International Customers
392 Field Trip Jerky
2390 Fisher's Popcorn
1091 Flamous
2000 Freddi Dolciaria S.p.A.
114 Freestone Pickle Co., Inc.
451 Frito-Lay Growth Ventures/Cracker Jack, Cracker Jack'D
583 Funky Monkey/Yumnuts/Bites of Bliss  Show Specials  International Customers
G     top
262 G.H. Cretors / Hi I'm Skinny  International Customers
1267 Gary Poppins Gourmet Popcorn  International Customers
2196 Germack Pistachio Company  Show Specials
2159 Giant Snacks
1992 GoGo SqueeZ
80 Goldbaum's  Show Specials
2291 Golden Beach, Inc.
2354 Golden Valley Meat Snacks  International Customers
1893 The Good Bean  International Customers
995 Gourmet Basics  Show Specials  International Customers
1191 Gourmet Nut
1492 Gringo Jack's  International Customers
2381 Gullon Cookies
H     top
119 The Hampton Popcorn Company
57 Hardbite Chips
2073 HERR FOODS INC.  International Customers
2335 Hickory Harvest Foods/IM Good, Inc.  International Customers
2382 Hometown Bagel Chicago Style Bagel Chips  International Customers
1598A Hornie Corn
2150 Hostess Brands
I     top
2094 INBalance Health Corporation
365C Industria de Alimentos Nutriwell  International Customers
1351 Inka Crops NA Inc.  International Customers
336 Interbake Foods LLC (Mrs. Fields Cookies)
176 International Snacks, LLC  International Customers
2030 Inventure Foods, Inc.
J     top
979 J & M Foods  Show Specials
141 Jack Link's Beef Jerky
226 JimmyBar
994 Joe Tea & Joe Chips  International Customers
301 JTM Foods LLC
K     top
130 KAMEDA USA, Inc.
1782 Kar's Nuts
255 Kellogg Company
2367 KettlePop  Show Specials  International Customers
211 Kraft Foods Group  International Customers
1365 Kratos High Protein Beef Bars  Show Specials  International Customers
L     top
787 LWC Brands, Inc.
M     top
351C Manzela S.A. de C.V.
132 Market Square Food Company  International Customers
364 Mary's Gone Crackers  International Customers
1587 Mediterranean Snack Food Company  International Customers
2098 Mercer Foods  International Customers
383 Mexibrands
50 Mikesell's Snack Food Co.
2182 Monaco Baking Company
877 Monogram Food Solutions
692 Mother's Farms/CoPak Solutions, Inc.  International Customers
N     top
2293 Nature's Bakery  International Customers
1495 Niagara Natural
283 NuGo Nutrition  International Customers
1598E Nutwhats  International Customers
O     top
873 Oberto Brands  Show Specials  International Customers
1367 Ocean Beauty Seafoods  International Customers
1266 Ocean's Halo Seaweed Chips
2087 Old Dutch Foods, Inc.
1963 Old Trapper Smoked Products  International Customers
482 One Potato Two Potato  International Customers
2392 Oogie's Snacks  Show Specials  International Customers
1783 Open Road Snacks  International Customers
865 Original Bills
2387 Ostl Inc.  International Customers
P     top
280 Pacific-Titan Foods, LLC  International Customers
259 Palo Popcorn  Show Specials
786 Partners a tasteful choice company  International Customers
1291 Party'Tizers Dippin' Chips/That's How We Roll
799 Pearson Ranch Elk & Bison Jerky  Show Specials
56 Pepper Creek Farms  Show Specials  International Customers
2187 Perky Jerky  International Customers
1659A Plantain Republic S.A.
1686 Plocky's Fine Snacks  International Customers
1184 Pop Gourmet Popcorn  International Customers
2060 Popchips, Inc.
1691 The Popcorn Factory
1987 Popcorn Indiana  International Customers
113 Popcornopolis
2186 Popsalot Gourmet Popcorn  Show Specials  International Customers
172 Prairie City Bakery  International Customers
2154 Preferred Popcorn LLC  International Customers
1683 Pretzel Perfection  Show Specials
2278 Pretzels, Inc.  International Customers
192 Prime Marketing and Sales  Show Specials
1682 PRODUCTOS CHURRUCA, S.A.  Show Specials  International Customers
678 Pure's Food Group, Inc.  International Customers
Q     top
898 Quinn Popcorn  International Customers
R     top
2194 Ricky's Lucky Nuts  International Customers
1494 Ruby Bay Smoked Salmon Jerky
2167 Rudolph Foods Co, Inc.
2289 Rural Route 1 Popcorn
S     top
1185 Sahale Snacks  Show Specials  International Customers
572 Santé Specialty Foods
2379 Savor Street Foods
1484 Seapoint Farms
1791 Selma's Cookies
2327 Setton Farms  International Customers
293 Sexy Pop  International Customers
2310 Sheila G's Brownie Brittle  International Customers
1086 Simple Squares  International Customers
2298 Simply 7 Snacks, LLC
1390 SkinnyPop Popcorn
372 Snak King Corp.  International Customers
2373 Snikiddy Snacks
2198 Southern Sun LLC  International Customers
2079 The Squirrel Brand Co.
2314 Star Snacks  International Customers
880 Stauffer Biscuit Company  International Customers
2093 Stonehedge Farms/Barcelona Nut  International Customers
1659D Sunwork S.A.
1892 SuperEats  Show Specials
2173 Superior Nut & Candy Co., Inc.
1961 Superior Nut Co.  International Customers
1790 SuperSeedz
2386 Sweepy Snacks
189 Sweet Ballz
T     top
59 Tasty Brand  International Customers
951 Tastykake/Nature's Own/Wonder
55 Taurus Spice
1678 Tell City Pretzel Company
2282 TH Foods  Show Specials  International Customers
565 Thanasi Foods  Show Specials  International Customers
2133 ThinkThin, LLC
778 ThreeWorks Snacks
1667 Tillamook Country Smoker  International Customers
1190 Too Good Gourmet  International Customers
576 Traditional Baking  International Customers
1979 Trophy Nut Co.
65 The Turkish Hazelnut Promotion Group
U     top
2350 Utz Quality Foods, Inc.  International Customers
V     top
215 Van Holten's  International Customers
1594 Vermont Smoke and Cure
574 Virginia Diner
W     top
1491 Wai Lana Snacks  International Customers
1882 Waymouth Farms, Inc.
2192 Weaver Popcorn Company
250 Werner Gourmet Meat Snacks
579 Western's Smokehouse
299 Wicked Mix  International Customers
2259 Wise Foods, Inc.  International Customers
1198F WooHoo!  Show Specials
695 WOW Baking
2374 Wyandot, Inc.
Y     top
74 You Love Fruit/Artisan Square  International Customers
1598F Yucatillas by Taste This! Snacks  International Customers
Z     top
97 Zain USA  International Customers
2215 Ziggy's Kettle Corn
1080 Ziyad Brothers Importing / Wild Garden  International Customers
Total Found 213

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